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Why Elder Care is an Affordable Option

When your aging relative reaches a point in their life that they need help with daily activities, family members may wonder where to turn. One option is contacting an elder care agency. An elder care agency can send staff members to the older adult’s home to assist them with their non-medical needs. Staff members are fully vetted and have had background checks to ensure they are both qualified and safe to provide care to your loved one. While many families see the advantage to hiring elder care to assist with their older family member’s needs, they may wonder whether it’s affordable. The truth is that elder care is more affordable than you might think! For one thing, the alternative for many seniors is to move into a long-term care facility, which certainly has a higher price tag than remaining at home. In addition, there are ways families can fund the elder care their parents need. Below are some suggestions that can help you to pay for your loved one’s elder care.

Pooled Payment

Many families split the cost of elder care among multiple family members. This prevents one person from having to take on the entire cost by themselves. Dividing the payment allows all concerned parties to contribute. And, since the family decides how to divide the costs, it is possible to tailor each person’s payment to their individual financial situation.

Long-Term Care Insurance

If the older adult purchased long-term care insurance, it may cover the costs for elder care. There are different kinds of long-term care insurance, so the best way to know if your family member’s policy covers elder care is to contact the insurance agent for assistance.

Veterans Benefits

If the older adult is a veteran, depending on their needs, they may have veteran’s benefits that can help to pay for elder care. Contact the Veteran’s Administration to find out if your aging relative is qualified for any benefits.

Reverse Mortgage

If the senior owns their home, they may be eligible for a reverse mortgage. With a reverse mortgage, the older adult receives money for the equity they have in their home that can be used in any way they wish. The homeowner does still pay property taxes and is responsible for the upkeep of the house, though. In addition, it is possible to run out of equity before the need for long-term care ends.


If your older family member has money in savings, now may be the time to dip into it to help pay for their care. If you’re concerned about using all their money, they could be a part of the pooled payment, using their savings as their portion of the amount due.


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