4 Bonding Activities for Caregivers and Seniors

Caregivers sometimes have difficulty relating to their older family member as anything other than someone who needs their care. The focus of their relationship can go from one of being parent and child to caregiver and patient, changing the bond they once had. While relating as a caregiver is important, it is also important to maintain the personal bond you once had. One way to nurture a bond between the caregiver and senior is for them to do activities together that take the focus off of care and put it on enjoying being together. Below are 4 activities that can give the two of you something to bond over.

#1: Reminiscing

Reminiscing is the act of recalling and sharing memories from the past. However, instead of pressuring your aging relative to remember specific things, reminiscing allows them to recall memories on their own. For the caregiver, hearing about your aging relative’s past can give you insight into what they were like when they were younger. To get the older adult reminiscing, try pulling out an old photo album and looking through it together. Or, look at some favorite keepsakes together.

#2: Reading

Reading together can give caregivers and older adults something to discuss together. You can read aloud to the senior and talk about the books together. Or, you can each choose your own books and then talk about what you’ve read and make recommendations to one another. Taking trips to the library and bookstore can also be ways to bond since they give you a reason to go out together and do something fun.

#3: Crafts and Hobbies

If you and your aging relative enjoy working with your hands, making crafts together can be a fun way to pass some time. You can chat while you make things and enjoy picking something new to make. You may even want to make items to donate to charity, which can also give the two of you a sense of purpose and a goal to work toward. If crafts aren’t the kind of thing the two of you enjoy, find another hobby to do together, like collecting something. The search for new pieces to add to the collection can be an interesting and fun thing to do together.

#4: Outings

Sometimes spending day after day stuck in the house can give seniors and caregivers a terrible case of cabin fever. Find ways to get out together that you both enjoy. Go to a movie or just out for lunch. Or, you might choose a museum to explore together. It can even be fun to just drive to a nearby town and explore the shops.

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