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Our office provides respite care services in the Piedmont Region of Virginia.

In-Home Respite Care Services

Acti-Kare of Piedmont, VA, wants to help you take a break through respite care. Have you been searching “Respite Care near me”? If so, Acti-Kare of Piedmont, VA is here to help. Acti-Kare provides in-home respite care that will provide you with a much-needed break from caregiving.

Acti-Kare caregivers follow a well-designed program that will give you the much-needed relaxation that you deserve. By providing yourself respite, you are able to recharge yourself physically, and emotionally. We understand how difficult caregiving may be, but with over a decade of experience, Acti-Kare of Piedmont, VA can provide you and your family leading in-home respite care at an affordable price.

Respite care can help your family caregiver take the time they need to relax. This is why Acti-Kare provides professional in-home respite care services that give your family the added security they deserve. Our teams are geared to help all members of the family, not just the elder care client.

Did you know that by utilizing respite care your family caregiver will benefit from the following?

• Provide the family caregiver with a time to relax, and meet with friends, which could greatly benefit emotionally, and mentally.

• Provide the family caregiver with time to run errands, such as getting haircuts, getting groceries, Shopping, and going to the doctors.

• Will provide you with comfort and peace of mind knowing that your loved one is being cared for by a professional caregiver, who is trained for these circumstances.

Respite care services can also provide your loved one with:

• The opportunity to be cared for by changing their daily routine, which in turn will help keep their mind sharp.

• Our caregivers will only provide your loved one with a safe, and comfortable environment.

• Acti-Kare also has a proprietary program called Acti-Vate with will promote mental stimulation, and physical activities if possible.

Did you know that respite care is also great for your loved one? Respite care helps seniors by changing their daily routine, which helps to keep your loved one’s mind sharp. Also, our professional and private caregivers are there to help keep your family’s routine in one piece. We understand that families feel committed to caring for their loved ones at home, and it can also be seen as a source of joy for family members. However, the emotional, financial, and not to mention physical demands on a family caregiver can be quite overwhelming and that’s why there is Acti-Kare in-home responsive care.

Our Acti-Kare caregivers are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to ensure that your loved one is comfortable in the home. If you’re looking for scheduled respite care, or spontaneous, Acti-kare will be able to provide you flexible care when you need it most. Our Acti-Kare caregivers will make sure that your loved feels right at home.

The Step by Step Process of Finding Respite Care:

Step One: Understand your needs as well as your loved ones.

Be Realistic. How much time do you need? Do you need a few hours two times a week, or a few days? Are you looking to spend over 24 hours away from your home? Do you need to go to grocery store? The Doctors? Or maybe its even all of the above.

What are your loved ones needs? Are they seeking companionship? Do they need an individual to come and help prepare meals? Could the house use some light housekeeping? Do they need any form of personal care? It is important to plan out required tasks regardless of how large or how small.

Step 2: Get the family involved.

Gather all members of the family, and let them know where you are struggling, and what you are struggling with. Find a way to communicate your issues to all members.

Explain. Explain. Explain. We understand the conversation may be difficult, you don’t need to be a superhero for everyone in the family.

Step Three: Make A Decision

Make a decision that will best benefit not only you, but your loved one. Providing respite is very important for the family caregiver, but providing your loved one with professional and trained in-home care will give you and your family the safety they need. Acti-Kare Respite care services will provide your loved one with a great and integrative care program, and will provide your family caregiver with a much-deserved break.

Acti-Kare of Piedmont, VA will provide each and every respite care client with a customized care plan to ensure a familiar routine. Our caregivers have been trained, insured, and bonded to provide your loved one with professional care. Our private respite caregivers will help you and your family have the much-needed rest you deserve. Call 540-727-0024, or fill out the request form above for a free in-home consultation.

Our office offers respite care services in the Piedmont Region of Virginia.

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    Acti-Kare was first recommended to me by a friend who used this service for her mother and was well pleased with the care given. I engaged services with the owner Mr. Jewell in May, 2014 to care for my husband because I could no longer do so by myself. I found his caregivers competent, caring and respectful not only of my husband, but also of our family.

    While they were attending to my husband, the caregivers kept a low profile so as not to intrude into or upset family life. Toward my husband’s end of life, a couple of the caregivers arranged to exchange shifts with other staff members so that my husband could have continuity of care and the least number of different people coming and going. Mr. Jewell also arranged 12 hour shifts to minimize disruption to family routine and he was present at the end to comfort us.

    After my husband passed, I had surgery which left me unable to drive my car, so I use the services of Acti-Kare caregivers to drive me to appointments. I plan to continue to use this company as long as needed with the assurance that Mr. Jewell’s staff of well trained, competent caregivers will uphold the high quality of service he has instituted

    – Mrs. E. L. Pfeiffer, Culpeper, VA

    Acti-Kare of of Piedmont, VA Senior Care & Home Care Services

    “I feel very comfortable referring my clients to Acti-Kare. I know that they will receive the care that they need in a timely and professional manner.”

    – Michele L., Madison, VA

    They do a great job caring for my mother in her home. The caregivers are very compassionate and caring sensitive to her needs. They do a great job caring for my mother in her home. The caregivers are very compassionate and caring sensitive to her.

    – G.W., Culpeper, VA

    Acti-Kare of of Piedmont, VA Senior Care & Home Care Services

    “Moving so far away was very difficult. I can now sleep at night knowing that my mother is safe .”

    – Mary, Culpeper, VA