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Our office provides hospice care services in the Piedmont Region of Virginia.

In-Home Hospice Care Services

We Provide Hospice Care and Support to families everyday.

Acti-Kare of Piedmont, VA, are ready to help make your loved one comfortable again.

There comes a time in an elder family member’s life where finding a cure turns into seeking comfort. When a loved one is diagnosed with a limited life expectancy, they often possess a strong desire to remain within the comfort of their own home. Acti-Kare understands how hard this may be on not only the individual, but the family as a whole. This time can be emotionally challenging, as well as physically exhausting.

This is why Acti-Kare of Piedmont, VA will support your loved one and your family by working with a designated hospice agency, or medical provider. Acti-Kare will provide your loved one with professional care by assisting them around the house, providing emotional, and even moral support. We understand how stressful this experience may be for all individuals involved, but with the help of Acti-Kare we can reduce your stress levels and anxiety by providing personalized and professional in-home care to your family member.

Acti-Kare can help your loved one with Hospice Care by providing:

  • Companionship
  • Laundry assistance
  • Emotional support
  • Housekeeping
  • Reading aloud
  • Our caregivers can help with nutritional meal preparation.
  • Bathing, grooming, and clothing assistance
  • Respite for your family caregiver.

Acti-Kare of Piedmont, VA can also help you and your family with assistance following the loss of a family member. Our Acti-Kare Caregivers can help families with organizing, moving small personal items / belongings, or just simply being there to listen if family members would like to grieve. Our caregivers undergo training to also provide compassionate care in every situation.

To request in-home hospice care services, you can fill out the form above or call 540-727-0024 and we will have a care specialist speak with you as soon as possible.

Our office offers hospice care services in the Piedmont Region of Virginia.

Home Care Services

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Acti-Kare of Piedmont, VA has provides leading in-home senior care. It is our goal to help seniors live an active lifestyle within their own homes.

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Family Care
Family Care

Acti-Kare of Piedmont, VA also specializes in providing tier one in-home family care to mothers, infants, children and more!

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Acti-Kare of Piedmont, VA provides recovery home care services for surgery, accident and other disabilities – qualified caregivers – meals, personal care, house cleaning and more.

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    Acti-Kare was first recommended to me by a friend who used this service for her mother and was well pleased with the care given. I engaged services with the owner Mr. Jewell in May, 2014 to care for my husband because I could no longer do so by myself. I found his caregivers competent, caring and respectful not only of my husband, but also of our family.

    While they were attending to my husband, the caregivers kept a low profile so as not to intrude into or upset family life. Toward my husband’s end of life, a couple of the caregivers arranged to exchange shifts with other staff members so that my husband could have continuity of care and the least number of different people coming and going. Mr. Jewell also arranged 12 hour shifts to minimize disruption to family routine and he was present at the end to comfort us.

    After my husband passed, I had surgery which left me unable to drive my car, so I use the services of Acti-Kare caregivers to drive me to appointments. I plan to continue to use this company as long as needed with the assurance that Mr. Jewell’s staff of well trained, competent caregivers will uphold the high quality of service he has instituted

    – Mrs. E. L. Pfeiffer, Culpeper, VA

    Acti-Kare of of Piedmont, VA Senior Care & Home Care Services

    “I feel very comfortable referring my clients to Acti-Kare. I know that they will receive the care that they need in a timely and professional manner.”

    – Michele L., Madison, VA

    They do a great job caring for my mother in her home. The caregivers are very compassionate and caring sensitive to her needs. They do a great job caring for my mother in her home. The caregivers are very compassionate and caring sensitive to her.

    – G.W., Culpeper, VA

    Acti-Kare of of Piedmont, VA Senior Care & Home Care Services

    “Moving so far away was very difficult. I can now sleep at night knowing that my mother is safe .”

    – Mary, Culpeper, VA