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In-Home Respite Care Services

Acti-Kare, one of the nation’s Premier Senior Care Providers, wants to help you take a break by providing top quality respite care. Have you been searching “Respite Care near me”? If so, Acti-Kare is here to help. Acti-Kare provides in-home respite care that will allow you to feel comfortable as you take a much-needed break from the challenges of caring for a loved one.

Acti-Kare caregivers follow a well-designed program that allows flexibility in family care by providing respite. You will be able to recharge yourself physically and emotionally. We understand how difficult caregiving can be, but with over a decade of experience, Acti-Kare can provide you and your family leading in-home respite care at an affordable price. Respite care can help you or your family caregiver take the time needed to relax and take time to care for your own needs. to help relieve stress. Our teams are geared to help all members of the family, not just the client.



Did you know that by utilizing respite care, your family caregiver will benefit? We can help when we:

  • Provide the family caregiver with a time to relax, meet with friends and re-charge
  • Provide the family caregiver with time to run errands, such as getting haircuts, manicures and shopping. A family caregiver may have their own doctor appointments
  • Provide comfort and peace of mind knowing that your loved one is being cared for by a professional caregiver, who is trained for these circumstances

Respite care services can also provide your loved one with:

  • Continuity of care while providing another person to contribute to daily needs
  • A safe and comfortable environment
  • Acti-Kare also has a proprietary program called Acti-Vate with will enhance mind, body and spirit (where appropriate)

Did you know that respite care is also great for your loved one? Many family caregivers develop stress related issues themselves as they accept the responsibility of round the clock care for a beloved member of the family. Respite care helps by shifting some daily needs to a qualified caregiver. Our professional and private caregivers help keep your family’s routine while you step away for a bit. We understand that families feel committed to caring for their loved ones at home and it can be a source of joy. However, the emotional, financial and not to mention physical demands on a family caregiver can be quite overwhelming and that’s why Acti-Kare continues to be a steady and affordable option for so many families.

Our Acti-Kare caregivers are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to ensure that your loved one is comfortable at home. If you’re looking for either scheduled respite care, or as-needed, Acti-Kare will be able to provide flexible care when you need it most.


Step One: Understand your needs.

  • Be Realistic. How much time do you need?Do you need a few hours two times a week, or more? Are you looking to spend over 24 hours away from your home? Do you need to go to grocery store? The Doctors? Or maybe all the above. Your needs can progress as your situation changes. Acti-Kare can be very flexible with scheduling.
  • What are your loved ones needs? Are they seeking companionship?Do they need an individual to come and help prepare meals? Could the house use some light housekeeping? Do they need any form of personal care? It is important to plan out required tasks regardless of how large or how small.

Step 2: Get the family involved.

  • Gather all members of the family and let them know where you are struggling and where you may need help. Find a way to communicate your issues to everyone involved in the decision-making process.
  • Explain. Explain.We understand the conversation may be difficult, but you don’t need to be a superhero for everyone in the family. Acti-Kare can be part of the process by providing a proposed care plan to start the conversation.

Step Three: Make A Decision.

  • Make a decision that will best benefit not only you, but your loved ones. Providing respite is very important for a family caregiver, needs to also give you and your family the safety needed. Acti-Kare Respite Care Services will provide your loved one with a great and integrative care program and will provide your family caregiver with a much-deserved break.

Acti-Kare will provide each and every respite care client with a customized care plan to ensure a familiar routine. Our caregivers have been trained, insured, and bonded to provide your loved one with professional care. Our private respite caregivers will be there when you and your family need it most.

To request respite care services, fill out our request form above or call (888) 451-5273 and an experienced Care Specialist will work with you.

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    Acti-Kare Responsive In-Home Care, Senior Care & Home Care Services

    “I feel very comfortable referring my clients to Acti-Kare. I know that they will receive the care that they need in a timely and professional manner.”

    – Michele L., San Clemente, CA

    They do a great job caring for my mother in her home. The caregivers are very compassionate and caring sensitive to her needs. They do a great job caring for my mother in her home. The caregivers are very compassionate and caring sensitive to her

    – G.W., Aliso Viejo, CA

    Acti-Kare Responsive In-Home Care, Senior Care & Home Care Services

    “Moving so far away was very difficult. I can now sleep at night knowing that my mother is safe .”

    – Mary, OH