by Alice Quinones

You might be wondering why I titled this write-up “Look After Someone”.  To look after someone is to ensure that someone’s safety and well-being. That someone maybe a family member, a friend or someone entrusted to you for care.

You, the entrusted person is the caretaker or caregiver.  And what’s a caregiver? What does it really mean to be a caregiver? What goes with the title “CAREGIVER”?

I am a caregiver, I provide companionship and helps the person entrusted (patient) to me reduce or overcome isolation and loneliness; assist in her/his social interaction and help the person connect or interact with family members if there’s any and  ensure patient lead a healthy life in a general sense.  Tied up with this responsibility are the various tasks that a caregiver must perform (which all caregivers know at heart) to truly make the life of the person we look after truly cared for and satisfied.

There’s joy in caregiving job. When the person we cared for shows wellness, positive moods and begins to socialize then you will know your job is well done. When he/she appreciates you, acknowledges and sincerely thank you for doing a great job, that’s an accomplishment. Then we as caregivers we’ll know that we are indeed doing our job accordingly right.

I grow weary at times for the long days and the unpleasant parts of my job.  I have worked enough to know that there is no job that does not have some element of drudgery or difficulty.  But I learned that in all kinds of circumstances I can work joyfully and willingly because I know I bring honor and glory to the One who is looking after me.