Let Met Tell You About My Clients

by Dorian Costello

I believe the quality of care I provide stems from the wonderful clients I am able to serve. Whether they need help in preparing nutritious meals instead of opening a can of soup or eating fast food, freedom to run errands and enjoy shopping at their leisure when I can drive them to their favorite places, help them with laundry which becomes a very difficult chore with health issues, or just a “walk and talk” when a client has been told to get exercise and they need a walking partner to lean on when they do so.
I don’t know who enjoys the walks more, me or my clients, as I remember the wonderful stories I’ve heard on those walks.

I have met people that have become lifelong friends teaching me humility, gratitude and acceptance and I leave my shifts feeling up lifted and a sense of well-being and I can only hope they feel the same. The chores caregivers do for their clients is very helpful but I also feel the fact that they can depend on us to be there for them every week and look forward to seeing us come through the door with a kind greeting is just as important. To catch up on the news, family events, etc., and really listen is a big part of being
a caregiver and the part I enjoy the most. Having a good rapport with my clients is so important to me and I enjoy the mutual respect and friendship that develops.