by Charlotte Lear

Every person is an individual and they react to certain things differently, so I try to find out how they are and treat them accordingly. But all older people need my patience because they are slower in every way than younger ones. I put myself in their place and I say things I would like someone to say to me. I encourage them to do what is right not to push them. For example, a 93-year-old client says something strange because she is forgetful, I repeat what she said and I ask her if she really meant it? Or did she mean this…then she realized she didn’t mean this but that…

If someone doesn’t want to take a shower, I say, just imagine how wonderfully fresh you’ll feel and smell after your shower, and after your skin has lotion on, it will feel nice and soft. It will not take long, it will be over in a few minutes. She did it.

Going for a walk or riding the stationary bike, I say, you could stay in your room and watch TV but the exercise would do you good, body and soul. People who exercise stay younger and look better. Their mind is sharper they feel better than the ones who just sit on the couch. We went for the exercise.

Someone doesn’t want to use the walker, I say, I know you can walk without it, but it is only for your security, it is better to have it than fall. She used the walker.

When they do not want to eat what is good for them, I say, your body needs nourishment and this is wonderfully good for nourishing your body, it has lots of vitamins, minerals, protein (or whatever the food has,) just try a little bit and see if you like it. This doesn’t always work.

One client doesn’t want to go play Bingo because one woman was mean to her at the Bingo table. So she said she would rather stay in her room than face that rude person. I told her that mean woman is mean because she is unhappy with herself, it is not a good choice to stay home because of one person. There are 15 other people there besides the mean one, you should go for them. Plus you enjoy playing Bingo. She went to play.