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Discover four ways you can help your loved one stay active at home.

Four Ways for Seniors to Stay Moving at Home

Exercise – such an important thing for everyone during all stages of our lives! Exercise helps keep us physically in shape and even helps us to mentally be more positive. For senior citizens in senior care, both of these become increasingly vital throughout the aging process.

When seniors get a regular amount of exercise each week, they are actively preventing depression, heart disease, cardiac disease, and so much more. Yet it can be a challenge for seniors in senior care to stay moving. Follow our advice below and make moving at home easy and enjoyable for your senior loved one!

Take a Daily Walk
At first thought, walking may not seem like much, but it is more than sufficient for your senior! Going on a walk for 20-30 minutes each day, whether it’s around the neighborhood or in thee backyard, is enough to keep your senior active and healthy. Most doctors recommend seniors get in at least 150 minutes of low to moderate exercise each week, and a daily walk is a perfect way to do this!

Help with Household Chores
If your senior isn’t up for a walk outside, that’s okay. Even pitching in with the household chores can keep your senior up and moving! Some of the best physical chores for seniors to help with for activity include vacuuming, doing the laundry, gardening, and dusting. These activities serve a secondary purpose as well. They keep your senior’s mind moving and occupied with the work! Win-win!

Take a Swim
Does your senior have access to a swimming pool? If so, encourage them to use it and go for a swim! Not only is swimming and water aerobics good for a workout, it’s also very therapeutic for the aging body. Water is easier on the joints and also encourages greater resistance against the body, making your senior use those muscles!

Seated Exercises
If your senior has limited mobility or they are unable to walk, seated exercises are ideal to keep them active. Some of the best types of low-level activity seated exercises include yoga positions, leg raises, and lifting weighted objects.

Do you need further guidance on keep your senior loved one healthy and active? Give our experts here at ActiKare a call and schedule your consultation today!

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