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Our office provides respite care services in the following locations including Bellevue, King County, Redmond, Kirkland, Woodinville, Bothell, Clyde Hill, Kenmore, Yarrow Point, and Hunts Point in Washington.

In-Home Respite Care Services

Acti-Kare of Bellevue, WA, wants to help you take a break through respite care. Have you been searching “Respite Care near me”? If so, Acti-Kare of Bellevue, WA is here to help. Acti-Kare provides in-home respite care that will provide you with a much-needed break from caregiving.

Acti-Kare caregivers follow a well-designed program that will give you the much-needed relaxation that you deserve. By providing yourself respite, you are able to recharge yourself physically, and emotionally. We understand how difficult caregiving may be, but with over a decade of experience, Acti-Kare of Bellevue, WA can provide you and your family leading in-home respite care at an affordable price.

Respite care can help your family caregiver take the time they need to relax. This is why Acti-Kare provides professional in-home respite care services that give your family the added security they deserve. Our teams are geared to help all members of the family, not just the elder care client.

Did you know that by utilizing respite care your family caregiver will benefit from the following?

• Provide the family caregiver with a time to relax, and meet with friends, which could greatly benefit emotionally, and mentally.

• Provide the family caregiver with time to run errands, such as getting haircuts, getting groceries, Shopping, and going to the doctors.

• Will provide you with comfort and peace of mind knowing that your loved one is being cared for by a professional caregiver, who is trained for these circumstances.

Respite care services can also provide your loved one with:

• The opportunity to be cared for by changing their daily routine, which in turn will help keep their mind sharp.

• Our caregivers will only provide your loved one with a safe, and comfortable environment.

• Acti-Kare also has a proprietary program called Acti-Vate with will promote mental stimulation, and physical activities if possible.

Did you know that respite care is also great for your loved one? Respite care helps seniors by changing their daily routine, which helps to keep your loved one’s mind sharp. Also, our professional and private caregivers are there to help keep your family’s routine in one piece. We understand that families feel committed to caring for their loved ones at home, and it can also be seen as a source of joy for family members. However, the emotional, financial, and not to mention physical demands on a family caregiver can be quite overwhelming and that’s why there is Acti-Kare in-home responsive care.

Our Acti-Kare caregivers are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to ensure that your loved one is comfortable in the home. If you’re looking for scheduled respite care, or spontaneous, Acti-kare will be able to provide you flexible care when you need it most. Our Acti-Kare caregivers will make sure that your loved feels right at home.

The Step by Step Process of Finding Respite Care:

Step One: Understand your needs as well as your loved ones.

Be Realistic. How much time do you need? Do you need a few hours two times a week, or a few days? Are you looking to spend over 24 hours away from your home? Do you need to go to grocery store? The Doctors? Or maybe its even all of the above.

What are your loved ones needs? Are they seeking companionship? Do they need an individual to come and help prepare meals? Could the house use some light housekeeping? Do they need any form of personal care? It is important to plan out required tasks regardless of how large or how small.

Step 2: Get the family involved.

Gather all members of the family, and let them know where you are struggling, and what you are struggling with. Find a way to communicate your issues to all members.

Explain. Explain. Explain. We understand the conversation may be difficult, you don’t need to be a superhero for everyone in the family.

Step Three: Make A Decision

Make a decision that will best benefit not only you, but your loved one. Providing respite is very important for the family caregiver, but providing your loved one with professional and trained in-home care will give you and your family the safety they need. Acti-Kare Respite care services will provide your loved one with a great and integrative care program, and will provide your family caregiver with a much-deserved break.

Acti-Kare of Bellevue, WA will provide each and every respite care client with a customized care plan to ensure a familiar routine. Our caregivers have been trained, insured, and bonded to provide your loved one with professional care. Our private respite caregivers will help you and your family have the much-needed rest you deserve. Call 425-419-4452, or fill out the request form above for a free in-home consultation.

In addition to Bellevue, our office offers respite care services in the following locations: King County, Redmond, Kirkland, Woodinville, Bothell, Clyde Hill, Kenmore, Yarrow Point, and Hunts Point in Washington.

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    I like that they show up on time. The do everything that you ask them to do. They get groceries and get me out of bed.

    – B. Schwartz (Renton, WA)

    The caregiver for my mom is just wonderful and has been a true blessing. The whole team answers questions I am wanting to clarify.

    – H. Johnson (Edmonds, WA)

    The client is in an assisted living facility: I feel like Acti-Kare is another set of eyes…. They let me know if they see anything that needs attention. The extra care assures me while I’m out of town.

    – K. Lewis (Mountlake Terrace, WA)

    We needed short time assistance for my father or he could not come home from hospital. My mother felt very happy and comfortable with the care. I would recommend this service anytime. Prompt, caring, and professional.

    – Lynn from Bothell

    Their service is very professional and knowledgeable. Highly recommended!

    – Dan0

    I referred Veronica to some friends of mine who needed help after surgery. She personally came right out to the home and within 24hrs had it set up. They said it was a great experience and would recommend her and use her again.

    – Elodie

    Veronica and her team of Care Givers were wonderful to my Father and Sister during the time we used Acti-Kare. They were so caring and conscientious. We had 3 different Care Givers for 24/7 care and they all were respectful, loving and knew how to take care of others. Unfortunately, we lost both our loved ones due to complications of cancer and the Care Givers were their to help with end of life. I can’t thank these wonderful people enough for the sincere and heartfelt attention in which they treated my family. Would recommend this business to anyone that needs this type of service.

    – jvaughn

    My father is under 24/7 care by this agency. They cook, do his laundry, get the mail, assist with bathing, etc. They will do anything basically Dad needs. The staff are like members of the family. They really care about the service they provide and making sure the clients are well taken care of. They arrive on time and keep each other well informed when they change shifts. When I go to visit my dad, I am always greeted by the caregivers and we catch up on life together, like old friends. There are even hugs when we haven’t seen each other for a while! Any time we have had a concern, or a family member needs to speak to the head of the agency, she is totally responsive, will make sure she speaks to myself or my sisters since my dad doesn’t hear very well, and ensure she has the right information. She also takes swift action when needed, and will correct any issues we may have. We switched to this agency from another in home agency and the satisfaction has been great, and it was well worth the change. You really can’t go wrong hiring this agency for the complete and compassionate care they give their clients. Our family is very picky about the care our parents have received and we could not be happier with Acti-Kare!

    – GJohnston

    My caregiver gives me showers, helps me dress, transfer to wheelchair, helps with bathroom functions, wash, dry fold and puts away laundry, dishes, vacuums rugs, sweeps and mops floors. Always arrives before or on time. If not able to, lets me know. Friendliness and attentive to my needs is a great help. The agency itself has been a great help staying aware of my care with phone calls and visits to me.

    – greendragon

    Acti-Kare takes care of my elderly parents in their home. Veronica is extremely attentive, and always answers my calls when I have any concerns or changes to our care plan. The Caregivers they have sent us have all been outstanding–conscientious, friendly, reliable, and extremely helpful.

    – alysonkrop

    The caregivers from Acti-Kare have been kind, caring, reliable, thoughtful, and careful. They filled the gap in my my brother’s care while we waited to move him from independent living to an adult family home. Some of the caregivers went well above and beyond their role, even bringing my brother home-baked treats! The Acti-Kare management was very responsive to our requests, and also went above and beyond (provided transport to dentist when we had no other available). Thank you so much!

    – SAV2

    The caregiver is cooperative and will listen to the things I suggest. The owners came in to do a review and suggested a few things on handling the client. It showed they were interested.

    – Shirley H

    They have had different caregivers but one of them has been the best. They really clicked and my mother was encouraged by her presence. Any service and help to mom helps my dad as well. The caregiver for my mom is just wonderful and has been a true blessing. The whole team answers questions I am wanting to clarify.

    – Denise K.

    Easily contacted the ActiKare staff and set up an initial meeting to discuss what care I thought my wife needed. I found ActiKare to be flexible and easy to work with. When I actually needed the care they provided me the service I needed in a very short period of time. Our companion care person is a great match for my wife. Everyone at ActiKare has been extremely courteous, helpful and caring.

    – Philip K.

    We would like to recommend -Acti Kare for in-home care. We have had a great experience with them caring for my dad on a limited basis. Ben was very friendly and kind and very helpful to my dad. Ben was on time each day and my Dad enjoyed his company.We would use them again

    – Anne M

    My wife was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and fibromyalgia. As the conditions progressed, although somewhat reluctant, I knew we needed additional support. Veronica and her team made the process so easy. They provide unparalleled care; always going above and beyond to provide a safe environment for my wife to thrive. They truly care about the well-being and happiness of their clients. I couldn’t recommend their services any higher.

    – Ray K. – Trilogy

    Veronica, owner of ActiKare, performed a weekly task for my 94 year mother, requiring her to pick up, drop off, & then take her back to her home. Nearly all the time Veronica waited for her providing an additional service of friend & companion. But what made her work so special is the creativity she always brought to effectively dealing w/ a woman deep into dementia. The solutions she came up w/ were always top notch, solving issues of logistics, attitudes, & the support of a first-rate caregiver. Since her task ended, a few weeks ago, Veronica has followed up w/ me weekly to see how mother is doing. I simply can do nothing but praise her in all regards!

    – Steve Armstrong