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Our office provides in-home child care and baby sitting services in the following locations including Arcadia, Pasadena, Sierra Madre, and San Marino in California.

In-Home Child Care & Baby Sitting Services

Acti-Kare of Arcadia, CA provides tier one in-home child care and babysitting services. Our caregivers are trained, background checked, and insured, which means your child will have a professional caregiver that will provide you with the safety and security you need when you’re not around.

The age of Child Care ranges from four year olds to thirteen year olds. Did you know that early child care is often seen as a first step and often overlooked component of child development? This is why our caregivers are trained to provide a fun and educational care service for your young one. Many babysitting services do not offer the expertise, and training, that an Acti-Kare caregiver receives by joining an Acti-Kare franchise. Our caregivers can help your child in the following categories:

  • Babysitting Services
  • Meal Preparation
  • Daycare Services
  • Educational Development
  • Transportation – If Required
  • Family Care
  • Family Communication

Acti-Kare of Arcadia, CA has helped parents with leading child care services, our caregivers have been trained to help your child have an eventful, fun, and safe babysitting experience.

Child Care Assistance After School

For working parents, our caregivers can provide the after-school supervision and structure that kids need. After school care includes making sure the children get home from school, have a healthy after-school snack, and even help with homework, if needed. Our child caregivers can get the kids to their afternoon activities like music, dance or karate lessons.

With the extra help to keep everything organized and on schedule, parents’ evening homecoming is much easier. Your child caregiver can even prepare meals and get the kids to bed.

Acti-Kare of Arcadia, CA provides care for kids of all ages. Whether you have a busy preschooler or a teen who needs to navigate homework and activities, we provide you with peace of mind that your children are supervised and nurtured until you get home.

Special Needs Child Care

Children with special needs require extra care all the time. Parents can’t always be the primary caregivers, so when and where you need extra support, Acti-Kare can help. We provide trained staff members who are experienced working with special needs individuals to provide support in all aspects of daily living. Our child care providers provide vital help to parents with ongoing care for the child, such as bathing, feeding, mobility assistance, supervision and homework help. They can also help with other chores like laundry or running errands, when needed.

Child Care Resources When you Need Them

Many parents depend on Acti-Kare for their child care help whenever they need it. Our flexible services and staff are available on-call on short notice, or for the long-term, providing extra support and service to your family members. Many families take advantage of the flexibility to accommodate busy schedules and can benefit from our extra services, like help with light chores and errands. Let Acti-Kare become your family’s go-to service for infant care, child care, and all your family care needs.

Acti-Kare will only provide your family with a tier one babysitting, and in-home child care service. Our Caregivers will provide parents the relaxation they deserve. To request in-home child care or babysitting services fill out our request form above or call 626-498-2837. Remember, when you can’t be with your loved one, we can.

In addition to Arcadia, our office offers home child care and baby sitting services in the following locations: Pasadena, Sierra Madre, and San Marino in California.

Home Care Services

In-Home Elderly & Seniorf Care Services Senior Care
Senior Care

Acti-Kare of Arcadia, CA has provides leading in-home senior care. It is our goal to help seniors live an active lifestyle within their own homes.

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Family Care
Family Care

Acti-Kare of Arcadia, CA also specializes in providing tier one in-home family care to mothers, infants, children and more!

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Recovery Home Care Services in Arcadia, CA Recovery Care
Recovery Care

Acti-Kare of Arcadia, CA provides recovery home care services for surgery, accident and other disabilities – qualified caregivers – meals, personal care, house cleaning and more.

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    Acti-Kare of of Arcadia, CA Senior Care & Home Care Services

    “I feel very comfortable referring my clients to Acti-Kare. I know that they will receive the care that they need in a timely and professional manner.”

    – Michele L., Arcadia, CA

    They do a great job caring for my mother in her home. The caregivers are very compassionate and caring sensitive to her needs. They do a great job caring for my mother in her home. The caregivers are very compassionate and caring sensitive to her

    – G.W., Arcadia, CA

    Acti-Kare of of Arcadia, CA Senior Care & Home Care Services

    “Moving so far away was very difficult. I can now sleep at night knowing that my mother is safe .”

    – Mary, Arcadia, CA